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Stillness may be good for the soul, but you’re all about plugging into the here and now. You’re anxious to get on the road to the next adventure even though a little voice in the back of your head is reminding you that you don’t feel as sure as you act. Regardless, it seems like there are bigger fish to fry while canny Mercury stimulates your 11th House of Long-Term Goals. Your drive to succeed is stronger than your doubts, even if they’re valid. Focus on the outcome, not the obstacle.


It seems as if the universe is saying “show me the money” today, prodding you to make your next move. You always appreciate a little more time to consider your options, but it feels like you must brush off any worries and proceed anyway. Fortunately, your ideal destination comes into focus once you take your first steps and your path becomes clear. You may even realize that your limiting beliefs are holding you back, galvanizing you to push forward even though nagging doubts try to anchor you in your comfort zone. Never let your fear decide your fate.


You’re naturally inquisitive mind keeps you busy, but now you must put your ideas to work. You want to learn about your chosen endeavor in a way that goes beyond normal curiosity as penetrating Pluto whispers in trickster Mercury’s ear. You may even block out the noise that usually distracts you because you wish to remain inspired rather than let inconsequential details hijack your focus. However, this same optimism could result in ignoring vital facts as you are swept up in the exhilaration of potentials. Don’t trip over reality while chasing your dreams.


You’re finally able to take a step back from a situation that hits close to home. It’s less daunting to navigate delicate issues of the heart once you gain the perspective you need. Recalling words of wisdom from long ago reminds you of advice that you have since put on the shelf. You’re inspired to embrace the future armed with objectivity, but be careful that you don’t completely ignore your intuition now that you feel more empowered to view the situation rationally. Lessons from the past teach you how to handle the future.


You’re craving some thought-provoking debate to test your oratory skills, and you’re likely to find someone who’s willing to oblige today. The buoyant Sagittarius Moon inflates your confidence, prompting you to push buttons to provoke a strong reaction. While spirited discussion can feel like a game sometimes, you may not realize how harsh you’re being until it’s too late. Err on the side of consideration instead of getting carried away with the sound of your own voice. Knowing when to quit prevents unnecessary complications and hurt feelings. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.


A sudden realization reveals ways to streamline your daily routine and improve the quality of your life. Small adjustments can change the whole game when it comes to your well-being, and there’s something refreshing about rearranging your living space. However, in your haste to start your new projects, you might overlook that someone feels left out of your process. Be sure you don’t get so obsessed with your own plans that you neglect the people who matter the most. Be inclusive for the sake of love.


Your imagination is hooked up to cosmic jumper cables and it’s firing on all cylinders. Your curiosity is piqued as innovative Mercury activates your 5th House of Creativity, while mysterious Pluto offers a jewel from the depth of your psyche. You might be so amused by playing with a concept that you purposely evade the truth that you could be spending your time more wisely. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote, “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.”


Taking a psychological stroll through the hidden recesses of your mind proves to be more fascinating than you initially imagined. However, you may get so engrossed in your own mental journey that you start to selectively connect only the dots that create the shape you want. Although your carefully managed thoughts are powerful enough to influence reality, it’s not wise to deny your feelings now. Integrating your emotions serves you better in the long run.


It’s as if you can hold ideas in your hands and turn them over to view all their different facets, giving you the all-encompassing perspective you crave. However, you may not be quite as objective as you think as old stories about self-worth seep into your thoughts without you noticing. If you take a moment to connect with your heart, you might realize not all is as it seems today. However, you’re more keen to turn away from troublesome notions if it means you can linger another day in your mind.


Sometimes it seems like a waste of time to fall prey to discomfort, and you prefer to focus on something more concrete. But today it’s undeniable that the tangible and the unexplainable are more interwoven than you want to believe. You may find that a hidden aspect of your character is awakened while methodical Mercury visits your 2nd House of Self-Esteem. A mysterious intensity flavors your words now, and you want to channel it to your own ends. Rumi wrote, “The door is wide and open, don’t go back to sleep.”


Speaking your dreams aloud makes them seem more real and you’re searching for an outlet to vocalize your hopes and wishes. It’s not that you need to be validated for your big ideas; you simply don’t want to keep all your thoughts to yourself. However, once you start a conversation, you may be surprised by what spills off your tongue. You become so captivated by the potential of the moment that you spontaneously create new plans on the fly. Focusing on the big picture makes it impossible to sweat the small stuff.


Your current confidence allows you to comfortably look within to face the internal mechanisms that steer you when you’re operating on automatic pilot. It’s refreshing to see this part of yourself with new lucidity; however, don’t mistake your ability to understand your secret desires conceptually with self-mastery. It’s easy to let optimism slide into unrealistic idealism when dealing with the obscure elements that are at play. There’s no reason to disbelieve your insights as long as you remain aware that they may seem slightly out of touch later. Perspective is everything.