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The Rose Of Jericho: A Prosperity Talisman

Introduction and Magickal Characteristics

The Rose of Jericho, or Resurrection Plant, is endemic to most north African and Arabic deserts. Since the Canary Islands are only a few kilometres away from the Northwest coast, it is very known and used here. This plant dries completely and curls up in dry times, and “lives” again when in contact with water, hence the name of Resurrection Plant.

In Spain, it is traditionally related to the Holy Trinity, being this one a catholic country; but let’s not forget its origins! This plant contains a very powerful desert spirit. Beside its known properties as prosperity and success bringer, when treated with respect and love gives great protection to its owner, doing the work of absorbing negative energies.

You only have to put the dry plant on a bowl and add a couple of inches of water. According to chromotherapy, you can use the colour of the bowl to get a more specific result.

The water of the Rose of Jericho should be changed every Sunday – when I do, I even pass the plant under the tap for a few seconds to clean off any negative residues. Many times I’ve read you can use the water of the plant to clean floors as an energy cleaner, but I disagree. The negativity that the plant absorbs is deposited in the water. I wouldn’t clean my house with a water that has been absorbing harming energies for a week.

In African traditions, prosperity and protection talismans are place as near of the entry of the house as possible. I have mine at the hall, and believe me when I say that everyone who enters my house notices it and ask about it! The energy of the Jericho Rose really make people enter.

In the crystal bowl where I keep the plant I add coins, all of the same amount and type, in odd numbers. In the images you see there are five new 1 cent Euro coins. Copper is extremely good conducting and balancing energies. After a full moon cycle I use the coins as talismans, giving them away to friends and Tarot consultants. You can also consecrate crystals, gems, shells, nails or any other talisman that can keep being submerged in water for 28 days at least. You may never sell this talismans! They are a gift of the desert spirit in the plant and have costed you nothing. Not only this breaks a few Magick laws, it is completely unproductive! Give prosperity around you freely and that is the most powerful spell to find your own prosperity.

How To Connect With The Rose Of Jericho Spirit

If you have just bought your Jericho Rose, you have to give its spirit a proper welcome at your home, so the Guardian of the rose feels at home and knows you are a honourable witch. This plant’s spirit loves candles and incense, and some will even ask for fruit, sweets or other offerings. Usually they are very talkative and develop a very strong relationship with the owner.

Place the plant at the bowl, and add the cents or any other thing you want to consecrate. Do not add the water yet. Take three white candles and make a triangle around the bowl, light them. Light some of your favourite incense, play some soft music if you want to. Relax for a few minutes, just letting all “everyday thinking” go; once you feel empty and relaxed, put your hands above the jar of water, palms down, focus as much as you can and bless the water. If you have never blessed water before, you can say something like this:

“For the Good of All, I bless this water. Now it becomes a vehicle of Protection and Love, by the Divine Power of the God and the Goddess.”

Now you can start pouring the water slowly. Feel how its spirit starts to flow “into” the plant. Once you have added enough water, close your eyes and concentrate for a few seconds. Then introduce yourself to the spirit, in your own words. You could say something like:

“Welcome to my Home, Sacred Spirit of the Jericho Rose. My name is …… (add your name) and I am a Witch. I commit to honour and protect this Rose; please protect me (and my family) and bring prosperity into this house. Help me and guide me (and my family), to give to others as much as we receive from you.”

It is very likely that you will hear the spirit’s name then. Keep that name to yourself – it is a private thing. If you don’t hear the spirit’s name, wait seven days and then light three more candles and repeat the prayer. Sometimes spirits need a little more time to connect with us! Consistency is an essential condition for the Witch; repeating a ritual makes it more powerful every time we start it over again, and makes the Witch more focused and stronger.

The ritual is finished whenever you decide it is. You can stay as long as you want. Leave the candles die by themselves and take good care of your Rose – when prosperity and recognition arrive at you, most of the times in a matter of days, you will be happy you did this ritual. Keep your Rose of Jericho happy and it will pay back at you!

(Via: magickshop.wordpress.com)

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