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Ritual Work to Attract

Ritual Work to Attract

Materials needed:

  •  Two candles, one green and one red.
  • Matches (do not use lighter).
  • Rosemary essential oil.


Spread the green candle and red candle with essential oil of rosemary, and place them on your altar (a simple altar table serves).

Light candles with matches.

Now place your hands on either side of the altar candles and flames stares.

Visualize yourself in an interview, getting the desired job and even getting a first payroll or payment.

“Say to yourself that you are unique for that job, and the job that you are getting suits your financial needs.”

Let the candles are consumed by an and a half hour, and then blows out the candles. If you blow the candles imagine the smoke from the candle holds its petition in the universe, create and manifest the desired goal.

Repeat this ritual for a week. Although the ritual is complete it is important to emphasize that a little time before bed to see the same request with which we began the ritual.

Green candles are to attract jobs, money or things that deal with prosperity.