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Ritual for success in work and business

The abundance, prosperity and success are constantly energies around us so we can all get it. Of course, this issue must be addressed in an ethical and moral, but also have to be persistent, tenacious and patient. This ritual is not valid for those who expect their revenues come from gambling.

Elements to use for this ritual:

Oil money: “Flower fragrance oil money.”

Incense Granules: In this case we use incense cedar granules.

1 Charcoal-burning.

3 Golden candles.

1 Scroll small (but must, instead you can use a piece of foil paper).

3 Small stones (choice of all that are in the list).

A bag of velvet, silk or cotton (to save the stones once the ritual).

3 Bay leaves (perfect, without breaking).

This ritual should be performed in crescent moon.

How to perform the ritual

In your daily bath should sprinkle eight drops of “flower fragrance oil money” to attract money to you. Use this oil during the days the ritual is performed. To begin the ritual you must burn the granular incense in the charcoal.

Once you’ve lit the incense, take three “golden candles” that have previously been anointed with oil money and put it into a triangular shape around the incense. Candles spreads always be below upwards ending at the beginning of the sail.

Then place the three stones inside the triangle of the three candles on bay leaves.

Then write a small piece of “parchment” (always in blue ink, red ink never) the amount of money you need (remember that we should be modest, sincere and realists) and place it below the gold candle representing the tip of the triangle formation (the amount of money should be facing up).

Then proceed to light the candles beginning with the gold candle that has the scroll beneath it and so on in the direction of clockwise. And then with power and sincerity recite three times the following statement:

“My mind is full of goodness, my body is full of energy, my soul is full of faith and my pockets are filled with the fruits of my labor”

“That abundance, success and prosperity are always with me, so be it”

As incense and candles burn, be silent for a few minutes.

(Remember that candles and incense should be in places where we can control them and monitor them)

When the candles have finished their “work” you must proceed to remove the stones and keep him in a bag, of the features mentioned above, and should never be touched by anyone else but you. You should constantly take over part of you as if it were a talisman. Since they have been ritualized, this will be its effect on you, draw you luck, success, prosperity and abundance. The three bay leaves the keep in your purse trying not to break, its function will attract money so you never miss. If you have a business puts the three leaves in your cash register.

Repeat this ritual for three consecutive days (with the same stones and three bay leaves). Wait three days and repeated again ritual. Do not forget that any money derived from the use of this ritual should share in the amount you see fit with those less fortunate than you. And do not forget that you must be humble and sincere when you order your money, so do not lose all your money in less than two months and are blocking access to your economy immediately.

The stones shall be cleaned (under tap water), charging the sun and recharge again in another ritual, every three months.

Here’s a list of stones that will help to enhance the ritual:

Any of these stones will help you attract money and good fortune, your instinct will guide you toward the stone you really need, though some have the same purpose, the important thing is that you feel identified with vibrations and energy emitting any of them:

African Jade: Bring good luck and wealth.

Amazonite: Attracts good luck and confidence increases.

Aventurine (green): Improves attracts luck and wealth.

Bloodstone: Help raise money and improve business success.

Calcite: Green Variety attract money.

Chrysoprase: Bring good luck and prosperity.

Fire Opal: Attracts money.

Lodestone: Call wealth.

Malachite: Bring prosperity and success in business.

Moldavite: Attracts wealth.

Moss Agate: Used in spells to attract money and attract new friends.

Nacre Stone: The natural shell also attracts money.

Fire Opal: It attracts money luck and powerful friends.

Tiger Eye: protective stone which attracts money and luck and increases value.

Tourmaline: It attracts money, and enhances creativity in business.

Red or Purple Zircon: Increases prosperity and protects you against theft.

Always respect the cosmic laws

Remember that the cosmos does not reward greed or selfishness. You must ask for what you need balance in your request right now, not in future need. It is preferable to perform rituals future for future requests to block you prevent yourself your economic future by selfishness and greed.