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Free Tarot Consultations by Email

Elise Defer has created this space with one goal, that your queries of tarot and clairvoyance are private and completely free.

  • To do this you should consider:
  • This is an exclusive service for over 18 years.
  • Just need to fill out the form below.
  • The result of your query will get it to the email address you specified.
  • No inquiries will be accepted answered questions.

You must remember that this is a personalized service and to the extent possible Defer Elise attempt to answer all your questions in the shortest period of time.

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  • jean

    i asked how do others see me and i pulled from tarot deck the tower and i was shocked! to say the least! should i worry i feel people think i am a weirdo. PS how can i know what to study for next year? what questions should i ask tarot deck. please help answer my question.