Free Tarot and Clairvoyance Consultations

Elise Defer welcomes you to free consultation of Tarot and Clairvoyance. Here you will find a service that will really help you with advice and guidance human.
If you need to express your concerns or doubts, take your time to concentrate on your question, and then write it.

To do this you should consider:

  • This is an exclusive service for over 18 years.
  • Enter your query on “Post a comment”.
  • Elise Defer reserves the right to exclude those queries or comments deemed offensive or are out of context.

We only accept consultations in English. To query in spanish in “Consultas Gratuitas”

How many questions can you make?

You can make as many questions as you see fit.
However only allowed one question and should always be specific.

Where you can see the result of your consultation?

You can find the results of your query below of your questions.

You must remember that this is a personalized service and to the extent possible Elise Defer will respond all your questions in the shortest period of time.

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5 Replies a Free Tarot and Clairvoyance Consultations

  1. Berenice says:

    Why can't I have a happy life with my husband and get along

  2. emdshastry says:

    will my son get his PR SETTLEMENT THROUGH his employer

  3. Joseph says:

    Will Ana and Jose be a couple in love again in a future?

  4. Annelin says:

    I suffer from depression….will there be any glimps of light in the nearest future for me?

  5. prasad says:

    Why do I always run into bad luck??

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