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Attract Wealth and Abundance in Three Steps


  • Green candle holder.
  • Sandalwood Incense
  • Wooden matches (never use lighter to light the candles of the rituals).
  • White cotton cloth.

If you do this ritual being in tune with nature’s energies should do this crescent moon display for two weeks.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply until you feel totally totally relaxed. Imagine yourself surrounded by white light inside a brilliant energy bubble protected from harm. If it is more convenient for you can call your god / goddess, guardian angel, spiritual, or holy virgin, visualize in this work.

1. Now you see money flowing into your life. But beware! These are not images you like going to happen. In your mind you should see money, many bills that come at you, as if you bring an air stream and comes from above and all directions, trying to see these images in your mind as clearly as possible and feel really since this is so.

2. Now take the candle light it and hold it firmly in your hands until you feel the energy flowing below the fingers. Then your energy and the energy of abundance and prosperity of the universe symbolized by the green candle merged together. Here begins the work of the sail act as a magnet to attract this energy in particular.

3. Light the incense and affirms your desire (to yourself and out loud) for example:

“I want the money to flow constantly in my life!”

(Remember: the three principles of the magician are willing, able and daring but never hurt anyone either in thought or word).

Continuing viewing while saying your desire, place the candle in the holder and put your hands around the flame, place the candle in a safe place and let it completely consumed.

Once this last step takes the candle consumed, wrap it in a white cotton cloth and bury it in the garden area.

Light candles only when you have time to be present, never leave burning unattended.

Use any of these stones as you need in addition to help enhance the ritual, place them next to the candle:

Amazonite: bring good luck in the game and increases confidence.

Agate: Used in spells to attract money, find treasure and attract new friends.

Tiger Eye: Protects against the evil eye. It is a protective stone, attracts money, good luck and increases the value in people undecided.

Tourmaline: Attracts money and encourages creativity in business.

Zirconia (red or purple): Increases prosperity and protect against theft.